Unsung Heroes

By Kristen Yannis F. de Jesus

We walk around the same corridors, see the same people, and greet the same teachers every day; yet, we rarely notice some people behind the cleanliness and security of the school– even if without these people, the school can just fall apart. 

These men and women are all parts of the foundation that keep La Salle Green Hills steady, and just like the literal foundation of any establishment, only few care about their existence and the value of the service they do for us. 

The janitors that clean our classrooms, fix our comfort rooms, and occasionally break our lockers are oftentimes taken for granted.

We had a short interview with Sir Fidel Gomez, the janitor assigned in the fifth floor of St. Mutien Marie Building, before the school year ended and he shared with us the life that our janitors go through on a daily basis. 

Sir Fidel cleans the classrooms where students stay that are often left filled with trash and dirt, yet we never heard anything from him, nor we ever felt like he hates us. 

Sir Fidel noted that the cleanliness of the classrooms varies from day to day, with certain classrooms being very clean one day and being very dirty the day after. Even with this kind of unpredictable environment, he still does his job without protest.

Having handled the previous batch, Batch ‘21, I asked Sir Fidel if he noticed any differences between the current and the previous batch. He simply replied that the two batches are essentially the same, both being occasionally messy and occasionally clean.

It surprised me how much work our janitors, like Sir Fidel, do just for us to have a comfortable environment when we attend school; at the same time, it also disappointed me how much I took our janitors for granted, never noticing the work they do for us.

It is a job with little thanks, but it is a job that Sir Fidel takes pride in.

When asked him if he has any message for Batch ‘22, he humbly said, “Konting ayos lang no? Sa ikabubuti naman ng ating eskuwelahan, konting linis lang,” asking a favor from us, students, to also help in keeping our environment clean and safe for all of us. 

On behalf of my fellow Lasallians, I would like to thank you, Sir Fidel, and all our janitors, security guards, and canteen cooks for being our unsung heroes. The Lasallian community appreciates your effort in making 343 Ortigas Avenue a place we can call ‘home’. 

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