AF- A Family

By Dominik B. dela Peña

It was indeed God’s working that the these gentlemen still got to dance their hearts out for the last time before the school year ended.

The LSGH AirForce (AF) showed us once again how it is to kill the stage in their annual dance concert, Testify 9, held in Br. Donato Center for Performing Arts, La Salle Green Hills (LSGH), on March 6.

                Found in the 4th floor of St. Joseph the Worker Bldg. is where the members of LSGH AirForce build dreams they eventually achieve. With the guidance of their artistic coach, Coach Vimi Rivera, and their moderator, Ms. Maricon Payte, this team now holds a name to keep in the field of dancing.

                Consisting of members who are all talented and passionate in their chosen form of art and sport, AirForce has been dominating competitive stages such as Skechers Streetdance Competition, Dance Supremacy, Ego Supreme Wars, and the National Dance Competition Mixed Senior Division—all in which the team managed to achieve podium finishes. 

                Team Captain Giro Antonio E. Tuliao of Grade 12G shared in his speech during the concert how LSGH AirForce became an extension of his family. His co-captain, Randel Claude B. Diaz of Grade 12C, agreed to this, saying that the team will always have a special place in his heart.

                While the years of LSGH AirForce have been glorious, the team also faced a lot of challenges in the past. “Bearing the title as AF itself is both a challenge and a responsibility. When you become a part of the team, you are expected to manifest the AF values. Self-discipline is highly important,” said by Ms. Maricon Payte, the moderator of the LSGH AirForce. 

                Dancing is a craft that AirForce has a passion for, and with that comes dedication. These students spend hours of their days practicing the styles and routines they aim to showcase. They happen to train 2-3 times a week for 2-3 hours; but, in competition and concert seasons, they are required to sacrifice more hours each day to train.

                AirForce follows three core values: Humility, Respect, and Family. These are the values that each member aim to reflect through his life as a student, a performer, and a son. The current members of AirForce hope that the team will continuously improve in the coming years—keeping the image they worked hard to gain, and the sense of family among its members.

                AirForce unites young gentlemen who look at dancing as a way to express themselves. They started strong, and they will continue to grow deeper and better each year. As a united Lasallian community, there is no better way to support them but to shout their name loud and proud.

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