The Team to Beat!

“Other people think that swimming is easy, and that it does not require that much effort. What they don’t know is that there are times when we need to train 7x a week just to achieve what we aim for.”

These are the words of Jaren Rylie R. Tan, the new Team Captain of the LSGH Swimming Team, when asked about the possible perception of other people towards their sport. The LSGH Swimming Team has been dominating the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) League since year 2018. Aside from that, the members of this team have been participating in other various competitions here and abroad, being hailed champions, and even titleholders, in each of it.

A portrait of Jaren Rylie R. Tan, the new Team Captain of the LSGH Swimming Team. Photo taken by Luke Portento.

During a casual interview with Jaren of 10E, Ryan Emmanuel H. Suarez of 9C, and Jalil Sephraim C. Taguinod of 8D, we were able to imagine the lives of these young gentlemen as students, athletes, and sons. Ryan and Jalil both got into the team after their prowess and passion in the sport caught the attention of Coach Evan Grabador, the coach of the LSGH Swimming Team, in a swimming tournament in Davao, and in Palarong Pambansa, respectively. Since then, they have trained and have grown even more as swimmers and as Lasallian students.

Despite being just 14 years old, Jalil has already contributed much in the long list of the team’s achievements. Committing to his passion for the sport, Jalil dreams to become the world’s greatest swimmer—which is not impossible to happen. Both Ryan and Jalil stay far from their families, but Ryan says that having their teammates as their family when they are here in Metro Manila is what makes it bearable.

Ryan Emmanuel H. Suarez and Jalil Sephraim C. Taguinod, members of the LSGH Swimming Team. Photo taken by Luke Portento.

Jaren has been swimming since he was young, but he never stops to step one level higher each season. He believes that rest is important, but rest must be taken as a preparation to whatever is to come. Jaren maybe very busy in his sports, but he makes sure that it never affects his academics as he still manages to make it to the list of honor students. Indeed, he is a captain who leads by example.

These student-athletes have sacrificed many aspects of their lives to represent La Salle Green Hills, to raise our banner high, and to make our institution known in the field not everyone believes is as critical as the others.

Jaren, Ryan, and Jalil are just three of our many student-athletes who deserve our gratitude and support. Continue living the Lasallian spirit!

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