Our story lives on.

by John Perez

For the past five decades, The Lazette has been serving the La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) community, spreading the truth and upholding campus journalism—through writing what is right.

This week serves as the 55th founding year of the High School Department’s official student publication; it has been through challenges and triumphs, which molded to what Lazette is today.

Then and now. Ever since 1965, The Lazette graced the print and online media to keep the LSGH community informed and up to date. © Robert Sy

I’ve been in Lazette for the past five years. I’ve seen the improvements of the organization since then. The journey for the past few years was not easy; writing and proofreading an article are just part of a bigger picture.

It seems that the process is tedious and uneasy but the whole journey was worth the time and dedication; considering the experience and service for the school already serve as a satisfaction for me.

Among the developments we had for the past five years was the revival of our website and our social media platforms. This was a big opportunity for the publication that is why it is used even until now.

Currently, we have social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, we have a WordPress website still publishing new content almost everyday.

Along the way, I’ve met other students who experienced the process with me. Soon enough, they were more than just club mates—they were brothers.

Apart from that, interviewing people and covering events is a whole new experience. Being the first to encounter history unfold right before you is priceless. These events, like the NCAA Junior Finals for Basketball or the Investiture of the Brother President, are worth it.

We did not only familiarize ourselves with the school community because we also get to know more about the experiences of students and other staffs through meetings, interviews, and coverages. This gave us an opportunity to fully grasp the LSGH community, on-campus and off-campus.

Lazette has also become a free space for students to express and deliver current situations, not only limited in the school but also the whole nation.

The story of The Lazette lives on, for over 55 years; not only did it serve as a student publication, it also serves as a teacher by which it followed one of the ideals of LSGH which is to develop social responsibility for national development.

This publication has nourished its members the knowledge of writing and the idea of free speech. Its essence and purpose will continue as members will soon be part of building a better nation for the next generation of leaders.  

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