AF Never Stops, Despite COVID-19

by Andrei Baldorado

Do you want to improve your Tik-Tok dance skills? If so, this opportunity may be for you. 

Ever since Ms. Rona stroked upon Metro Manila, the La Salle Green Hills AirForce (LSGH AF) weren’t able to train in their studio, so they started their summer workshop online via Zoom or other online platforms. 

This summer workshop by the way is hosted by Groove Central and holds multiple classes to outsiders and an exclusive class for AF members.

Although not everyone in the online classes can participate due to poor internet connection, they still continue to train and strive for greatness.

As they say in AF, “AF never stops,” and it shows especially during this pandemic. 

Now for the best part!

AF usually have their recital in their studio, but due to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), they’ve made it an online recital instead.

And that recital, called the “Vavengers,” is now uploaded in the Official LSGH AF Youtube Channel.

The time is ours. AF stays smooth and slick even if they are apart. © Groove Central

The video features them dancing in different locations at day and night, showcasing their groovy dance moves and their passion for the art of dance.

Dapper. AF shows off their swag as they show how cool their moves are. © Groove Central

They may be apart, but when you watch the video, you will feel the unity of the Airforce, despite this pandemic (sana all united).

AF would train online through several online platforms such as Zoom and Facebook and would practice their piece.

Recording and taping the dance was the easy part, as all they needed to do was polish their dance.

An insider said that they would like to share it because they want to share their talents and what they love. This is so that they may inspire others to join the dance community.

AF for Life! These young men truly do not disappoint as they poured their heart out to the beat. © Groove Central

The Senior members of AF are leaving this school year, which is why they would miss the entire AF family, the training, and the AF life in general.

Giro Tuliao (‘20) extends his gratitude to AF as he said, “I would like to thank AF for the wonderful four years I had during my stay here. I learned what it meant to be in this family.

Members from Batch ‘20 would like to thank Ms. Maricon Payte, their moderator, their co-coaches, Jimbo Arceo and Judd de los Reyes, the AF alumni, and their coach, Coach Vimi.

If you want to watch the AF in action, here’s their performance!

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