LSGH Rebrands With Co-Ed & FLETCH

by Jonathan Stacey

May 14—La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) introduces a new set of changes for SY 2020-2021, shifting into a new co-educational system for Senior High School (SHS) and LSGH FLETCH to assist online classrooms.

Brother President Edmundo Fernandez FSC has been using our school’s official social media accounts and Ranger360 to echo every plan of the administration ever since the cancellation of remaining face-to-face classes last school year due to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Among the notable changes include the integration of the Grade School and High Department and the return of the Trimestral Academic Calendar.

The shift to a co-educational system for the next school year will finally open LSGH to female applicants after 61 years.

The Brother President assures that the first 20 female applicants will be offered a tuition subsidy.

For the next school year, LSGH clarifies that it will accept female and male applicants for Grade 11 only. Application forms for admission to LSGH are already available online.

The LSGH Flexible Lasallian Education through Technology and Collaboration at Home (FLETCH) was also introduced in preparation for the coming school year; the school aims to continue providing quality education to their students while maintaining all safety precautions.

Given this, home-based online learning will be done during the first trimester of the school year while blended learning is to be expected for the second or third trimester.

Several technicalities will be observed by both the school and students in order to achieve the program’s success; this is why any form of feedback to improve the system will be accepted in hopes of achieving a well-balanced and beneficial “new normal.”

Other concerns in the latest announcement of the Brother President include the discontinuation of the 9.5% tuition increase, online enrollment, online counseling by the Guidance and Education Intervention Services (GEIS) Department, and the Safe Shelter-LSGH Project.

Br. Dodo is happy to mention that LSGH recently opened its doors to health care workers of Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC), after the success of welcoming and accommodating front liners from The Medical City (TMC).

Also, the resumption of office operations will only be determined after the recommendations of the local officials. 

LSGH will do the necessary preparations before it opens its campus once again.

Any admission concerns for LSGH can be coursed through e-mail: and for more details on the recent announcement and other concerns for SY 2020-2021, you may refer to the official school website of LSGH, the official social media accounts of LSGH through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Ranger360.

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