Giving Back Through Paghanga

by Vito Martin

“Paghanga: Pagbibigay Puri sa Kapwa Lasalyano,” is a project by Search-In of La Salle Green Hills (LSGH), which provides an avenue for students to express their appreciation for the school’s faculty and staff.

Presented in the form of short, heartfelt messages, students share their experiences and memories with various LSGH staff members, which are then displayed on the official Facebook page of Paghanga.

Each week, a new theme, such as “Funniest Moment with an LSGH Staff Member” is posted, and submissions by the students are released in batches.

An anonymous entry talks about the strong bond of the students with the other members of the LSGH community. © Search-In Community of La Salle Green Hills

Led by Quito Fernandez (’20) and Regit Ongtao (’21), the project came from a desire to do something in acknowledgment of the sacrifice that teachers and staff make every day by dedicating their time and energy to the students of LSGH.

“Originally, we wanted to do something for the teachers and support staff after quarantine, but seeing as it extended, we tried to see if there are any other ways we can do something for them,” said Quito.

The project heads created “Paghanga” with the intent of capitalizing on the attention usually drawn by “freedom wall” posts (a system allowing people to share their thoughts in an anonymous, unedited manner).

This is done while improving the concept by introducing weekly themes to narrow down the subject matter of the submissions and releasing submissions in batches.

For more details about this project and how to share your own message with the LSGH faculty and staff, refer to the official project page “Paghanga: Pagbibigay Puri sa Kapwa Lasalyano” on Facebook.


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