#Quarantingz: 10 Activities to Do During the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Andrei Baldorado

It’s the pandemic season and we’re all feeling what Rapunzel felt when she was caged in her tower for 18 years!

Bored. Curious. Tired of doing the same routine every day until April 30.

Bored in the house, bored. This is the general reaction of many Filipinos during the enhanced community quarantine. © Andrei Baldorado

Right now, you’ve probably binge-watched every Netflix series there is and you streamed all your favorite albums in Spotify. 

Basically, you just ran out of things to do. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “what else can I do aside from the usual things I do?” 

Well, I’ve got you covered because the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is most likely to be extended.

I’ll give y’all 10 activities you can try at home while waiting for Ms. Rona to leave the Philippines.

Read a Book

Ever like to read a book? Like an actual book with pages and not the ones online? Well, it’s about time you do so.

Read those encyclopedias gathering dust in the bookshelf. Read those textbooks the school gives but never uses. Read your personal book collection, if you have.

It’ll help you replenish your vocabulary and knowledge for the next school year and will give your eyes a break from your smartphone screens.

Start a Journal/Diary

Did you ever want to say something to someone, but like you can’t because it’s too personal? If so, yes. Same!

Have a notebook and write down everything you thought about or experienced on that day. I mean, it is better to put your feelings in a notebook than on someone who would eventually disappear in your life anyway (bitter ka?).

Visit Your Old Chats

Yes, even if it’s your chats with your ex or ex-crush. Check on the previous messages and think about how you can strengthen or rekindle your relationships with them.

You’d just be surprised how you and those people changed over time. It’s also a very entertaining read, like you’d just wonder, “What clownery was this?” or “I speak like that before?” 

Clean Your Room

Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as a place of discovery.

Throw out those old papers from 2009 and have it recycled. Donate those out-of-trend clothing to the ones who need them.

Explore all the hidden things in your room that bring back memories (and the memories bring back you, charot).

Plan Outfits

To all the fashionistas out there or those who want to step up their fashion game, let’s plan our emancipation outfit.

Try to experiment and match different pieces of clothing from your closet. Rummage through your parent’s old clothes and see if you can find a hidden gem.

It’ll definitely help you dress for college, galas, dates, or for every day. If you can, get creative with your pambahay, it’s so fun.

Experiment with Cooking or Baking

Nicki Minaj once said “yes, I do the cooking”, and it’s about time you did too. Try learning the recipes of your family specialties or try following recipes online.

Put your own twists in it as well. Add some cinnamon into your adobo, if you’d like. Experiment with the new Dalgona coffee craze everyone is raving about. To make it more fun, criticize your dish like how Gordon Ramsay would do it.

This would definitely help you with “adulting” later on.

Do Indoor Exercise Routines

Let’s get physical! We’ve all been consuming our quarantine snacks for so long that we’ve probably ran out of shape.

Search for some home exercise routines that would surely help you pass the time. It’ll get you into shape and would definitely help you build your immune system to protect yourself from Ms. Rona. 


For those who constantly stay awake just to text their crush at midnight and end up a clown, this one is for you!

Sleeping really helps you improve your health and immune system, and many studies have already stated this, like literally. Plus, it’ll make up for all the sleeping time you missed just to do requirements for school.

So, think twice before your crush would text you just because they’re bored. Would answering that text that would lead you to have false hope be worth the complete eight hours of sleep? I don’t think so, sweetie.


This honestly is very important. Now is literally the perfect time to reflect on your past mistakes, past memories, the past in general.

Realize what you’ve done. Grow and learn from those mistakes and actions. Make this a time for self-improvement and self-realization. Also, do this for yourself, not for other people who will take you for granted. Learn some morales!

Write a Song

Let’s release our inner Taylor Swift and write some songs. It’ll help you sharpen your vocabulary and at the same time, be able to express how you feel.

Write a love song dedicated to your crush and tell them how you feel, how much you long for their love, how you wanna hug them after the quarantine. Write a song about being happy, about the things that make you happy, about the people that make you happy. Write a song about heartbreak and dedicate it to the person that broke you, that made you cry, that made you lose hope in love.

Keep it to yourself, or start recording, or share it online. 

That’s all the advice I can give (for now). Just remember to make the most out of this quarantine period and use it to improve ourselves and at the same time, helping others.

Stay safe and have fun!

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