Backtracking to the 70s with Blacklight

by Gabriel Borja

The ten classes of Batch 2017 once again showed their creativity, class unity, and retrospective with their different interpretations of the 70s through the Blacklight Presentation held in the Br. Donato Center for Performing Arts (BDC) last February 21, 2017.

As a partnership project for both the Physics and Filipino subjects, all Grade 12 students were given almost a month to prepare on a three to five-minute presentation all about the 70s.

Each presentation of each class was based on notable events from the 70s; one of the most historical decades in Philippine history.

Some classes also used the selection “Dekada ‘70” written by Lualhati Bautista to interpret and present the environment and ambiance during the time of the 70s.

With events such as the declaration of Martial Law, the bombing of Plaza Miranda, stoppage of circulations and media around the country, the different classes gave their own interpretations on how to present which came with a twist: a presentation of the 70s in the dark only illuminated by a blacklight.

In addition to the unique interpretations of said notable events, each class was faced with the task on how to add creativity and imagery in their performances by coming up with different props and costumes that can illuminate under a blacklight. 

After all presentations have been presented, the award for third place went to both 12-F and 12-G.

12-A’s melodramatic plot centered around a couple initially separated, a travel back in time to the once innocent and peaceful times of the 70s, and back to the chaotic nature of the 70s gave them the second-place pedestal.

A lover serenades a girl as one of the highlights of 12A’s Blacklight Presentation.  © Neal Gellaco

The performance of the day belonged to 12-I and their timeline-like concept of the 70s showing a notable event per year during the 1970s assisted with colorful and well-designed props bagged them the first place award and the title of Blacklight Presentation champions. 

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