STEM Week 2017: iSoMorPhism

by Nicholas Carpo

Last January 23-27, 2017, the La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) High School Department launched the celebration of one of the three major academic tracks of the K to 12 Senior High School (SHS) Program. This commemoration was appropriately titled Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Week.

“Aside from promoting careers associated with STEM, [the project] campaigned for man’s ability to think as rational beings,” said Mr. Paul Vitus De Jesus, chair of one of the events.

The STEM track is currently the largest academic track within the school, with a total of five sections hosting around 40 students each.

Consequently, the STEM Week was a project of considerable size organized through the collaboration of the Science, Mathematics and Physical Education departments of the school.

As the first-ever STEM Week, the theme of the project was iSoMorPhism.

The week was filled with math games such as TANGRAM, Tower of Hanoi and Rubiks Cube. Numerous events were also held throughout the week including EstiMath, MATHira – MATHibay and Magic Eye contests.

Among other things, the Annual Girls’ Interscholastic Math Competition was held on Wednesday of that week.

In this competition, multiple schools participated in a quiz bee which tested their ability to solve math problems ranging from easy to difficult within a short period of time.

Other highlights included a practical defense demonstration, a basketball camp for grade school students and the multiple Brain Bowls held for each grade level. 

Overall, the project was a success in providing a platform to showcase one of the largest strands in the school and the programs and careers that come with it.

Moreover, it ingrained in the students “different kinds of thinking” which could be used even after the culmination of the event and showcased the numerous mental abilities of these students. Mr. De Jesus concluded, “I am satisfied with the outcome of the event.”

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