Si Sir, Si Ma’am is Back!

by Reinier Navarro & Joshua Salarza 

After about 5 years, the High School Faculty Association (HSFA) brings back another edition of “Si Sir, Si Ma’am (SSSM)!”

In celebration of Lasallian Educators’ Day, our teachers once again prepared for weeks to surprise their students by preparing this way of appreciation for their dedication and vocation.

Two shows were dedicated for Junior High students (AM) and another for Senior High students together with alumni, parents, and guests (PM) last January 27 at the St. Benilde Gymnasium.

More than a showcase of talents, the said show is also a fund-raising event where proceeds lead to the Faculty Medical Assistance Fund, according to the HSFA. 

Teachers from various grade levels take the dance floor in their production number. © Ripples of Life Photography

To begin with, Mr. Randolph Nicdao, the director of this year’s SSSM conceptualized a teaser trailer about the show with the help of Zach Lara (12A) to give a sneak peek about the show. The teaser featured some of our very own teachers and administrators dancing in their respective work areas and places around the campus.

It even featured our very own Brother President, Br. Victor Franco, FSC, dancing to the beat of Justin Timberlake’s hit single “CAN’T STOP THE FEELING”. This teaser trailer became so popular ever since its release, days before the show.

On Facebook alone, it received over one thousand likes and one thousand shares to date. Through this, many anticipated SSSM 2017.

Highlights of this year’s SSSM include the opening prayer, which was led by mother and son, Mrs. Marie Santos and Mr. Jamby Santos as they sang a duet to Celine Dion’s The Prayer.

This followed by an introductory video, courtesy of Ripples of Life Photography, which introduced “Si Sir, Si Ma’am: Through the Years” as it showed the previous and older performances made by the HSFA before.

The High School Faculty Association (HSFA) goes center stage to conclude Si Sir, Si Ma’am (SSSM) 2017. © Mrs. Karen Anne C. Beltran

SSSM (originally Si Sir, Si Ma’am at Musika) was originally distributed into four separate shows to accommodate each of the four Year Levels. They held it in the Br. Donato Center for Performing Arts (BDC) before.

Now with the addition of Grades 7 and 8, the HSFA is introduced to a bigger audience for this year’s SSSM.

Mr. Eduard Papa, Grade 9 Chemistry Teacher, mentions, “For first-timers, it was a worthwhile experience.” Mr. Louie Mendoza, Grade 9 English Teacher, adds, “We [the HSFA], have prepared surprises [for the show] and [we] brought the BDC’s aura to the St. Benilde Gym.”

Kudos to the HSFA for a successful return of “Si Sir, Si Ma’am!”

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