An Unwanted Truth: Mental Illness

by Aemoh Jordan

The uncovered facts about stress and mental illnesses…

According to Thomas Szasz, “There is no such thing as mental illness, hence also no such thing as psychotherapy.” This is the kind of idealism that makes this world worse for much of the populace with the apparent rise of stress-related suicide, particularly amongst the young generation. 

I am sure you had heard the recent death of De La Salle University freshman student who jumped in school campus building due to complex problems – family and studies.

As per information from their closest friend, the student is having his medication while despite so, why did the unforeseen scenario happen?  Is the illness properly addressed? How do we give importance to these?  

In accordance to medical terms by Mayo Clinic, mental illnesses refer to variety of disorders that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and addictions to mention the common few — and sadly, these are the disorders that most healthy people would just tell the victims to simply “get over it.”

As anyone who has suffered any of the given ailments, it’s truly not that easy.

The brain has the majority, if not all, of the control over one’s body therefore it can influence the other systems quite indomitably.

It can effortlessly affect your natural habits thus cause physical ailments as well.

Though the main cause of mental illnesses is still unknown, research has shown that many of these conditions are caused by a combination of genetic, biological, psychological, and environmental factors such as stress in daily life, genetics, and perception of life. 

For example, a student having depression — despite him having a proper diet, regular exercise, and remarkable grades in school, there is still something internally wrong with himself — an unexplainable feeling of sadness, lack of confidence and motivation on his usual interests.

He feels such weight of pain around his body, but there isn’t any apparent reason why he’s like that according to a physician’s diagnosis.

People would then simply tell him to “get over it” or “stop being sad” which he simply cannot do. This damages the person’s psyche and makes his condition worse. 

This person then starts to become sickly and suffer symptoms such as insomnia or fatigue despite being declared “healthy” by a physician considering the fact he still has to excel in school under pressure while worrying about what his parents would think if he failed.

There is also a possibility of family problems altogether in the mess. This is the agony one must go through of having a mental illness. 

To remedy this problem, every member of society must be able to comprehend mental illnesses despite not experiencing its effects. People must be aware and be trained to know what to do in case one does encounter another person diagnosed with such.

There are proper treatments and supports that can help cure the victims of mental illnesses, and these people shouldn’t be ashamed of being ill of any psychological conditions.

First of all, the person must accept that there is a problem and should seek medical assistance or family guidance to get through with his illness.

Secondly, society must be able to recognize that mental illness is a real problem and should be given with full seriousness and corresponding attention.

Lastly, family and close friends should give their utmost support to the victims of mental illness. They don’t need to give advice but simply need someone they can rely on — someone who understands.

Support and medication go hand in hand; mental illnesses cannot be cured solely by one of the pair.

To conclude, poor mental health is an impending problem in society due to a lack of awareness that must be immediately addressed.

It is difficult for the victim as it affects his/her daily life struggling to fight off the ailment. It’s not something you can simply “get over with.”

With proper support from every member of society, this problem can be resolved accompanied by medical help.

Mental health is not a joke; your mind is as important as your body.

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