Cue goes to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams with “American Idiot”

by Aemoh Jordan

The Cue Drama club, currently moderated by Mr. Jay Malabanan, has consistently been entertaining the La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) community annually with a family-friendly production — not only just to delight the audience but also to give appreciation to the arts. From plays such as Hercules and Tarzan, they’ve consistently delivered satisfactory and superb performances to the hearts of each student and faculty member.

However, for this school year’s production, the club decided to put a twist on their normally rated G production. Instead of a family-friendly play, Cue performed an explicit, rebellious, and daring one instead with the rock opera entitled “American Idiot,” a play based on the renowned punk band, Green Day.

Originally directed by Michael Mayer, the musical centers on three main protagonists, particularly Johnny, Tunny, and Will.

Each teen was dissatisfied with suburban life and parental restrictions then eventually end up trying to live the excitement of city life.

unnamed (1)
Cue actors from La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) and other schools perform Jesus of Suburbia. © Jet Taneca

Will, however, was forced to stay in his hometown due to the impregnation of his girlfriend, Heather. The remaining duo soon traveled to the city to achieve the freedom they desired.

In a quick turn of events, Tunny gave up on city life and joined the military — on the other hand, Johnny resorts to a life of sin and vices while discovering a part of himself that he gradually hated.

Cue was able to successfully deliver this rock opera to its audience.

With performance aspects aside, the allowance of an explicit play shows the confidence of the school towards their ever-vigilant students knowing they’ll understand the content presented.

Showing mature themes such as drugs, alcohol, and sex makes that well known. Not only does it show trust in the student body, but it also gives a good contemporary theme towards the relatively young audience.

Grade 12 Cue actors grace the stage for St. Jimmy and Johnny. © Jet Taneca

Many life lessons can be learned from watching the production much more with the appreciation for the arts.

Through “American Idiot”, Cue was able to not just send chills down everyone’s spines, but also open the eyes of each student to the reality of the world.

The play was finally able to make that connection to the audience by charming the audience with the different scenes of the play accompanied by the songs that fit each situation perfectly.

unnamed (2)
Cue Drama Club 2017 takes its family picture after their curtain call of the last show. © Jet Taneca

“American Idiot” wasn’t just a play that showed the adventures of three friends, “American Idiot” was THE play that the Cue Drama Club should always call a flat out success. 

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” -Edgar Degas

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