Kundirana 2017 Rocks the Stage with “Biggest Part”

by Gabriel Borja

Last November 19, Kundirana 2017 once again serenaded the hearts of the LSGH community as they performed in their maiden concert entitled “Biggest Part.”

For members Rafael Colet, Teddy Travis, Angelo Casipe, AJ Angeles, Jempoy Pimentel, Benjo Kasala, Nathan Ascuncion, Ryan Murillo, Stephen Estillore, Gerick Cruz, Marcel Tuason, Charles Ongchangco, and Joaquin Lagman, that “Biggest Part” in their lives is the one God from above.  

With the help of musical director Monet Silvestre and moderator Mr. Jamby Santos, Kundirana 2017 gave astounding renditions of songs ranging from the era of Elvis Presley to the current songs of this generation.

The concert proper began with a performance from the seniors of Kundirana 2016 giving their own renditions of 80s songs as well as their graduation song entitled “Rainbow.”

After the performance of the seniors, Kundirana 2017 took the stage beginning with their signature performance of “Kamusta, Mga Kaibigan.”

The group went on to croon to the audience with their playlist of songs, and even having the audience join in their infectious singing with their sing-along.

From start to finish, Kundirana did not fail to deliver and entice the crowd with every note and beat of their covers.

For Teddy Travis and bassist Benjo Kasala, the Kundirana experience wasn’t just an opportunity to extend their help to people around them, but it also served as a platform for both to improve on who they are as performers and as a person.

Kundirana 2017 dedicating their concert to their “Biggest Part,” who is God. © Jempoy Pimentel

When asked how it felt performing for Kundirana, God, and all who supports him, Joaquin Lagman responded that “It felt great knowing that I perform to make God and the others smile especially the less fortunate ones.”

Kundirana’s “Biggest Part” is not just God who gave them the talent and the ability to share their emotions and thoughts through their angelic and astonishing voices.

Their biggest part also consists of those people who have helped and supported them in their journey as a member of Kundirana.

They will never forget as well the people they have helped and those that they have put smiles on using just their remarkable voices.   

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