Lasallians Once Again Make their Voices Heard

by Gabriel Borja

Numerous controversial issues have plagued the country ever since the dawn of the Duterte administration; ranging from the extrajudicial killings to notorious statements from the President himself, the common denominator to all these is the roaring participation of the Lasallian community.

Lasallians have been known to be vocal in their opinions regarding different issues recently, and the Marcos burial was one of the trending matters they made sure their sentiments were clearly heard.

Last November 16, 2016, headed by the Multi-Cultural Club, members of the La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) community gathered in the Gate 2 Lobby for a prayer rally regarding the recent issue of the Marcos burial.

The program began with a video presentation narrating different jaw-dropping statistics and facts about the Marcos regime.

Different sentiments regarding the issue were given by different Grade 11 students and by the guest speaker, Mr. Rosario Lao, from the Human Rights Commission.

image00 (1)
Javi Zagala speaks on behalf of the Student Affairs Central Body (SACB) on human rights and justice.  © Jacob Reyes

A prayer led by Grade 11 & 12 students followed by the candle lighting activity set the reflective tone for the next part of the activity.

After the reflections, the LSGH community, led by High School Principal Br. Richie Yap, took it to the streets as they went outside the school campus and voiced out their opinions with a loud battle cry of “Marcos is not a hero!”

The activity served as a platform for the LSGH community to demonstrate to the whole Philippine community that for them, the Marcos burial was a complete immoral decision made by the government.

image01 (1)
Different members of the LSGH community clamor nearby vehicles to honk for the advocacy of the prayer rally.  © Jacob Reyes

Through this, the Lasallian community, as one united family, made sure that their one clear point was heard: that former President Ferdinand Marcos should not be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani and that he is definitely not a hero. 

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