Inaugural HUMSS Week Highlights Talent

by Jacob Reyes

October 3-7, 2016 were the dates of the High School Department’s celebration of the very first Humanities and Social Science week or HUMSS Week, sponsored by the English, Filipino and Social Sciences departments.

It was a fun-filled week full of activities for select students and whole batches of students alike.

With competitions, forums, and polls, arranged by the multiple HUMSS aligned clubs and organizations and put in-store for the high school department, an air of excitement could be felt among the students during the week.

Each batch had a special activity for their English, Filipino and Social Science subjects. Similarly, the Value Development Periods (VDPs) tackled culture for all grade levels.

The entirety of the week had the CLAYGO Campaign care of The Lazette, which held the #GHPolls throughout the week.  Multiple topics were touched and were voted upon by those who partook in the campaign, ranging from the President Rodrigo Duterte to the preference between books and movies.

The XANADU, the school’s own writing club, held a flash fiction writing contest named the “Quill and Quiver: Flash Fiction Contest” for the high school department. There, the students were instructed to write a story on regarding the HUMSS Week theme, “ETHOS” Thinking and Acting Together for the Greater Good, in no more than 100 words.

There was also “TINIG”, a debate showcase held by multiple HUMSS aligned clubs.  Other events were the “Pagbigkas ng Talumpating Walang Paghahanda” for Grade 10, the “Pagbigkas Pangangatuwiran” for Grade 11 and “Hugot Lasalyano” for Grade 12.

The week ended with the first-ever Lakan ng Lahi for Grade 11 and a forum on human rights for Grade 12.

Altogether, the activities actively promoted the week’s theme while enjoining students to achieve the objectives set for the week. 

The successful proceedings could not have been done without the efforts of the teachers and students of their respective clubs and subject departments. 

This will certainly be anticipated during the next school year, along with its many activities as a result of this year’s successful and enjoyable celebration of HUMSS Week.

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