LSGH Sparks Creativity Through ABM Week

by Andre Miranda

ABM—Accountancy and Business Management, a senior high school strand wherein students are equipped with a specialization in managing a firm and entrepreneurship.

This strand was given more light through the ABM week, which had a theme of “Achieving Breakthroughs and Milestones” and was spearheaded by the Learning Resource Center (LRC), Guidance & Intervention, and the Arts and Technology (A&T) department.

This week sought to help students most especially in junior high school to be enlightened in the possible careers under ABM through the Values Development Period (VDP) module for Grades 7 to 10 on ABM careers program credit of the Guidance services.

Moreover, the A&T Department made the Saint Benilde Cafeteria more colorful with the auction of their astonishing art.

Led by Mr. Reynel Canor, Mr. LA Saludez, and Mr. Cheto Aniceto, the cafeteria seemed to be a place that you would want to stay for a long time.

With an ear-pleasant band serenading the viewers and wonderful and insightful artworks and activities, students were truly enlightened on how awesome ABM could be. 

As a form of commencement, the spearheaders ought to put up an ABM Café—the place where they put the artworks with the benches aside so people can walk around, as a center of attraction.

In addition, the A&T department fostered innovation and business-mindedness among selected students in the ABM strand with a start-up business orientation.  As a finale, there is a Robotics workshop and competition that was hosted by the arts and technology department.

Truly, there are a lot of ideas and ways to integrate classroom learning to creative and outside activities. With these activities lined up for the week, the sponsors and leaders were truly embodying the very idea of this week: to achieve breakthroughs and milestones.

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