Cue Brings Tarzan to the LSGH Stage

By John Dysanco, HS 4A

After months of sweat, tears, and Pei Pa Koa, the Cue Drama Club, in collaboration with Teatro Paulino, Dramatics Guild, and Merely Players, complete the FSC Trilogy with their stage adaptation of Disney’s Tarzan from December 7 to 12, 2015 in the Br. Donato FSC Center for Performing Arts.

The club opened its curtains seven times to perform Mr. Francis Joseph T. Malabanan’s stage adaptation in front of the students of the La Salle Green Hills High School Community, visitors from De La Salle Mangere, other members of the community, and guests.

After staging Prince of Egypt (Faith) and Hércules (Service), the Cue Drama Club tackles this year the value of Communion with The Legend of Tarzan. The theme of the play speaks about how the lives of the characters are interconnected, which attributes itself to the well-known lines of “Two Worlds, One Family”.

This year’s play showed great improvement to their set design, which included a bridge, trusses, vines, and even waterfalls. The scenery, set in a jungle sanctuary in West Africa, paved way for students uniformly costumed as apes with black furry sleeves and dark jogging pants.

The adaptation basically followed the plot by both Disney and Broadway wherein a baby boy was left in the care of gorillas in the jungle sanctuary in West Africa. He then grows old and meets humans, particularly Jane, her father, and the antagonist Clayton.

Prior to the show, actors and actresses underwent intense training to achieve proper characterization of their roles. One technique cited is method acting where actors live out their assigned roles in their daily lives. This provides time to practice even before the rehearsals. Besides acting, the members sacrifice sweet, salty, and oily foods to preserve their voices for the big day.

Cue members stressed the need for time management to balance of their academic requirements, but because of the extreme workload expected at the drama department, members are often torn between savoring sufficient sleep and getting good grades. Nevertheless, non-academic skills are developed in the club such as confidence, teamwork, and communication.

The choreography was made by Mr. Jim Ferrer while Mr. Francis Jasson Z. Villanueva gladly sponsored a theater workshop for the organization. In addition to last year’s proceeds from Hércules, the LSGH Alumni Association pitched in for the production of this year’s play.

Eternally secretive about their upcoming plays, all the Cue Drama Club could promise was a step up from this year, adhering to the mantra “Have a heart always in all ways”.

“Cue has been my family in high school, and I have learned so much from it. I know that Cue will continue to touch so many lives for years to come, and I hope it does,” said Lance Rodrigo J. Trillanes, a senior Cue Drama Club member.

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