Get to Know Your Brothers!

By Konrad Romero, 8I & Reinier Navarro, 8J

We see them as friends and teachers, and we actually look to them as one of the symbols of the Lasallian community. We see their names having the initials “FSC”, and we see each of them wear a black or a white habit and a rabat.

You are probably thinking of these people are. These are our Brothers. We see them teaching students, working in different parts of the Lasallian community, and even playing sports, but do we actually know our Brothers’ background?

Let us to get to know these people who we’ll meet around the campus.

Br. Victor A. Franco FSC: La Salle Green Hills President

Br. Vic is a very intellectual Brother who likes to collect books, play word games and watch sports on television.  He enjoys music from the 40’s and the 60’s and some nice meals. He dislikes equipment which fail to work, cause traffic and hot weather. He loves to go window shopping and walking during his free time.

He was inspired to become a Brother by the good Brothers who were with him from Grade 5 until 4th Year. They were good Brothers who would both teach and play. He lives the Animo by doing his responsibilities, being a teacher and encouraging others to live the Animo. As a teacher, Brother Vic wishes to inspire all Lasallians to spread the Animo throughout the world.

Br. Richie P. Yap FSC: High School Department Principal

Brother Richie is a very active brother who engages in many activities during his free time. He likes going outdoors, reading books and eat food during his free time. He enjoys collecting Star Wars items, memorabilias, toys and so much more!  He also enjoys gardening and meeting happy and honest people throughout his life.

He was inspired to become a Brother by the many Brothers that came into his life in High School; what inspired him is the work they do. They always accompany young people to be inspired and always devote their lives to prayer. He lives the Animo by remembering God’s presence and doing whatever he can to preserve it.

Br. Emmanuel C. Hilado FSC: Lasallian Mission Office Head Administrator

Brother Manny is an energetic friend of the community who loves viewing the sky when dusk arrives. He loves eating chicharon and seeing fellow students around the campus. Be sure never to talk too loud in front of him because he hates loud noises. He makes sure the students are not hypocrites because they pollute the purity of the campus. Br. Manny was a cyclist who also used to play Frisbee and did many other things outdoors. He also loved everything about nature, from forests to the critters that crawl beneath the soil.

He was inspired to become a Brother because he wanted to help in the development of the youth and heed the calling of Christ. He lives the Animo by simply being himself. As a brother, he keeps purity in both the students and the environment.

Br. Ruben P. Caluyong FSC: De La Salle Lipa Vocation Coordinator

He is an inquisitive brother who goes biking to explore places, discovering people and taking pictures and sharing them with others. Brother Ruben likes people who care for the environment, the poor and for everything good like people who usually spend some time helping those in need. He wishes for people never to brag or be greedy with time by not sharing it with those who are in trouble or in pain.

He was inspired to become a Brother because of how there is always an opportunity to help the poor and he knew that public schools need more religious teachers to guide the students. He lives the Animo by recognizing every member of the community: janitors, security guards and others; he always gives a simple smile and gives them attention so that they know that they’re also humans.

Br. Michael S. Cua FSC: HS 4 Christian Living Teacher

Brother Mikey is a very determined brother who always find ways to help people. He likes going on adventures, and he always fulfills his duties in the campus and at home. He always finds ways to take care of the students and to help the poor and the marginalized.

He was inspired to become a brother because he realized that it might be a life for him to teach and educate those who are poor. He lives the mission by always doing his best in work given to him by the ministry. Everything he does is for everyone, the teachers, the students, and all the faculty members. In conclusion, Brother Mikey is a very active steward of God who will stop at nothing to fulfill his duties.

The given information here are not enough to know our Brothers. Start now by making a conversation with them. As we know them, let us also not forget their vocations. Let us be like our Brothers.

Be like them who live the Animo!

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