Five Reasons Why You Should Volunteer

By Arjay de Guzman, HS 4A 

When Typhoon Lando hit Northern Luzon late October of 2015, La Salle Green Hills was quick to launch a relief operation to the hardest-hit area of Cabanatuan. A team of student-volunteers joined to assist in the school’s relief efforts. They are the Tulong Aral Sa Kapatid (TASK) volunteers.

Part of Lasallian identity is being able to show zeal for service as embedded in the core values. Volunteering is a perfect opportunity for students to make a difference by getting hands-on and doing the dirty work.

For years, volunteerism has a brand of selflessness as one devotes time and energy for a certain cause, expecting nothing in return. However, researches show that this act of kindness brings with it benefits for everyone. You should reconsider your old perception of volunteering and embrace the rewarding reasons one might have as to why he volunteers.

  1. It Expands Your Network

Volunteering opens your door to like-minded individuals who may have the same motivation to volunteer. Volunteers are usually proactive in their responsibilities and thus are often successful in life. It is beneficial to surround yourself and maintain connections with these individuals.

  1. It Gives You Experience for Your Passion

Often times, students do not know where to devote and pursue their gifts and talents because they are stuck in class. Volunteering is not just about repacking relief goods or feeding in a soup station. Many volunteer organizations out there need talented individuals in many skills of interests. You just have to find the right organization for you.

  1. It has College Benefits

Being a volunteer looks good on your college application. Your extra-curricular activities have been one of the important factors in your entrance in college. It is important for the college admission officials to know that you have grown not only from academics but also from genuine labor. 

  1. It Makes You a Leader

Many leaders out there talk about making a difference, but genuine difference should not only be from what you say, feel, or think. Change happens when all these three work together to spark action. People always think that leaders are those who hold the position of power, but real leaders inspire you.

  1. It Fulfills Your True Potential

When you ask a classmate why they go to school, you get the same three things: you want to get a decent job; you want to get rich; you do not have a choice. Students go to school not because they want to, but because they have to.

I sometimes wonder why I even bother going to school every day, but one thing I never wonder about is going to school to volunteer for TASK. I do not mind going to school on a Saturday to volunteer because I know exactly where I am supposed to be.

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